Racial, Social, Gender and Human Rights

Curated by Carol Pencke

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Issues involving racial, social, gender and human rights are critical to me. I believe in small "d" democracy and think the U.S. Constitution is a really good idea. We just still have not completely implemented it. So human rights and equal access to justice and opportunity are keys for me. Reproductive rights and health, and anti-racism have been the largest areas of my work.

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New York NY 10004 US

Race Forward keeps anti-racism and the effects of institutional racism front and center in public education and debate. It is a multi-racial organization, hires amazing staff members and covers a wide range of issues using the racial justice lens.


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New York City NY 10004 US

They are sustainable, support human rights and the first amendment in particular and are not afraid to stand up to anyone who tries to circumvent them. They are fearless.

NARAL ProChoice America

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Washington DC 20006 US

Reproductive rights and health should be a basic human right for all. However politics have intervened and constantly try to stop women from planning their families. Anyone who does not believe in contraception or abortion should simply not use them. However they have no right to step into the privacy of others and their rights to healthy, planned families. Further, many anti-choice organizations care only about fetuses before they are born, and do nothing or work against already born children's education, healthcare, housing, and mentoring. I find this hypocrisy appalling.

Carol Pencke's giving strategy

My approach to giving is to focus on issue and demographic areas of greatest concern to me. They include women and children, people of color and those from marginalized communities, human rights and ethical treatment of animals. Issues are reproductive rights and health, ant-racism, education, child and animal welfare. I focus on general support giving at local, regional, and national levels with a few international groups. I look for long term community engagement and advocacy, organizational sustainability and diverse leadership.

About Carol Pencke

Carol Pencke came to consulting in 2000, having served as the Executive Director of A Territory Resource (now the Social Justice Fund of the Northwest) for seven years. Her client base of over 35 groups includes the Ms. Foundation for Women, NARAL ProChoice America, NARAL ProChoice WA, Mighty O Donuts, Statewide Poverty Action Network, Pike Market Childcare Center, NAMI WA, United Indians of All Tribes, Center for Women and Democracy, and Race Forward. She also assisted northwest native tribes to build a regional philanthropic institution, The Potlatch Fund. She continues to work with womens' groups, reproductive rights, anti-racism, environmental and low income organizations, educational institutions, and values-driven businesses. Her family maintains a small donor advised fund. When not working to change the world, Carol enjoys her family, friends, farm and gardening, riding, walking, swimming, travel, and reading.

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