Improving Access to Basic Sanitation

Curated by Danny Alexander

At Who Gives a Crap, we donate half of our profits to non-profit organizations working to help build toilets in developing countries. Why toilets? Glad you asked. Aside from being a great place to read, toilets are one of the most important public health innovations in history. They're proven to prevent the spread of disease and increase economic output. They provide safety and dignity. In short, they're magical!

As magical as they are, toilets are rarely talked about, but we're out to change that. Over the years we’ve donated to some incredible organisations with deep experience in implementing high impact sanitation projects around the world, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to support their work. Help us provide toilet access to everyone on earth!

Nonprofits in this fund

Lwala Community Alliance

Nashville TN 37206 US

Lwala Community Alliance is deeply embedded in their rural community in Kenya, and focuses on understanding and resolving the needs of their community. What started as a healthcare facility is now so much more: financial services, reproductive health counseling, and, of course, water and sanitation services. And their results speak for themselves—they've transformed health and economic outcomes in their county and are looking to scale their efforts more widely.

Shining Hope for Communities

New York NY 10014 US

SHOFCO, working in Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world, offers a range of services that rival most high-functioning governments: low- and no-cost healthcare, financial services, a school and, of course, water and sanitations services. Their recent invention of an above-ground water service shows a bit about how they work—when they realized piping water underground throughout the neighborhood wasn't working, they installed pipes *overhead* throughout the whole of Kibera. It's a truly incredible invention!


Nairobi 00100 KE

Sanergy have installed thousands of toilets in the un-sewered slums of Nairobi, and they collect the waste from these toilets several times a week. They convert this waste to high-value products (like fertilizer and animal feed), the sale of which subsidizes the cost of installing more toilets. This incredibly innovative approach has lowered the cost of providing sanitation access tremendously already!


New York NY 10279 US

As one of the most respected organizations working in WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), WaterAid delivers high-impact interventions in dozens of countries around the world. They work with local teams in each country to understand the local needs and tailor their programs accordingly, so their work ranges from government capacity building to sanitation demand creation, all with an incredibly high standard for impact and efficiency.

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