Tara Stemkovsky

Tara Stemkovsky is the founder and CEO of Arise Aurora, a company that aims to provide education & economic empowerment to women around the world by encouraging them to use their own skills & creativity to achieve financial security and thus freedom. Arise Aurora has already grown to have over 1,800 members since the year of its inception on the buying and selling platform.

Tara is an entrepreneur at heart as she’s the founder of over 5 other businesses which include a videography business, social media marketing business, vitamin/supplement business, custom engraving and design business, and care package business. She also still works full time for a major nonprofit while raising her two beautiful young children as a single mom.

Tara is also the creator and producer of, "Speak Up, Girl" an upcoming podcast series through Arise Aurora that will highlight true anonymous stories written by abuse survivors.

Tara is an abuse survivor herself. She often publicly shares her own stories with abuse in order to help educate others. She has recently teamed up with Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence to further help people and families impacted by domestic violence.