Tips & Tricks for Hosting Your Next Giving Circle Meeting Virtually

Apr 29, 2020

Right now, many giving circles are looking for ways to continue their work and maintain connection with each other remotely. Here at Grapevine, we’ve been helping many groups transition their giving circles online through virtual meetings and online payment collection and communication tools. You can read more about how we’re helping right here.

As we’ve worked with Giving Circles to set up their virtual meetings, we’ve come up with a list of best practices that we’re sharing with you in case it can help your group transition to this new virtual world.

  1. REASSURE & SUPPORT MEMBERS: First and foremost, reassure your members that joining a virtual meeting is very simple and they’ll have lots of support and places to ask questions along the way. Share a helpful 1,2,3 guide (you can see ours linked in the blog post here) for how to sign up and make sure to link to the Zoom support page (or another virtual provider) to help answer any questions.
  2. ALLOW SOCIAL TIME: One of the best parts of meeting in-person is connecting and networking with others. Even with your meeting online, make sure to spend some time on networking and connection. You can do this with simple ice-breaker activities, putting people into breakout rooms, doing a virtual “cheers,” and taking a photo of your group in your virtual meeting.
  3. PROVIDE ZOOM TIPS: At the beginning of the meeting, make sure to provide some basic tips for Zoom or your virtual platform, this includes reminding people to stay on mute when they’re not speaking, sharing information about how they can use the chat box, and encouraging them to turn on their video. Do this quickly a few times as new people join the meeting.
  4. ENCOURAGE QUESTIONS: To keep things more like a normal meeting, let people raise their hand and ask questions out loud. You can do this by having people literally raising their hand and calling on them or using the “raise your hand” feature in Zoom. You can also direct people to the chat to ask questions.
  5. SHARE OPTIONS FOR SUPPORT: Remind people that it’s more important than ever to support nonprofits and the local community in whatever way they can. Even if they may not be able to donate their full amount this month or quarter, encourage people to give what they can or volunteer in a different way.

For more tips and support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Grapevine for help at and you can always head to to start or manage your giving circle.

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