New England International Donors: Q&A on Community Giving

Apr 6, 2020

It’s incredibly powerful when people come together to give back. At New England International Donors (NEID), they’re doing just that. Each year groups of donors come together to pool their donations, to make a bigger collective impact. This year, they’re focusing on learning more about and supporting Climate Justice and Women’s Empowerment. Hear more about what they’re thinking and how they’re working from Ina Breuer, Executive Director of New England International Donors.

How did NEID get started?

Karen Ansara was beginning her journey as an international donor and wanted company. She attended a number of meetings designed to help donors get started, but settled on creating a community here in Boston — where members could openly share their experiences and support one another in their philanthropic efforts.

What draws members to NEID?

It’s a combination of things. Our events are often the entry point that brings people to NEID but its the enthusiasm and very lively community of peers that keeps people engaged.

How has NEID evolved over the years?

We have grown tremendously in the last three years because we hired a dedicated staff and increased the number and range of programs we offer. In addition, in 2018 we held our first symposium — which opened the door to making needed program offerings accessible to donors interested in international giving across the country. We are currently growing our network to develop a national presence with the overall goals of increasing the amount of giving to international causes and empowering donors to be more strategic and impactful in their giving.

How can you see the impact that you’ve made with your collective donations?

We hear it via our members! But we are working on more systematically capturing and sharing the ways that our community connections lead to more impact on the ground.

What are the NEID giving circles focused on right now?

NEID members vote every year on what topics they want the Giving Circles to focus on. It’s the third year that we’ve had Circles focused on Women and also the third on Climate. So the real answer is popular demand and perception.

How can people get involved?

Join NEID via our Website, come to our bi-annual Symposium in September 2020 or join one of our Giving Circles in person in Boston or via Grapevine.

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