Moving your Giving Circle to Grapevine

Jun 18, 2021

If you’ve helped to lead or manage a giving circle, you know that while it’s incredibly rewarding, it can be time consuming. One of the biggest challenges that we hear from giving circle leaders all the time is that they spend hours “chasing down checks.” With Grapevine, we eliminate the hassle of chasing down checks by offering circle leaders a platform where members can set up recurring payments with just a few clicks.

Grapevine doesn’t just help with payments, we help your giving circle grow and succeed. Through communications tools, social media sharing, donation tracking and more, Grapevine is a one-stop-shop for giving circles. And the best part? It’s free for you to use!

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of switching to Grapevine from other payment options.

Checks: If you’re collecting checks, you’re spending a lot of time tracking payments in spreadsheets, following up with people to mail their checks, and going to the mailbox. There’s also coordination with the nonprofit to then mail a tax receipt to the donor, which they might not get. It can take a ton of time and be a big headache.

Grapevine eliminates all of these steps. All you need to do is have your members log into your Grapevine page, set up their recurring donation, and then they’ll automatically get their donation receipt right away (we even send a consolidated receipt in January during tax season!).

Peer to Peer Payments (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle): Peer to peer payments are a great way to send money to friends, but they’re not designed exactly right for sending donations to nonprofits. One, they don’t allow each member to get a donation receipt, two, they force you to take on the risk of collecting other people’s money into your personal account, and three, they lack transparency. By using Grapevine your members can see right on your page exactly how much has been collected, the nonprofits that have been supported, and more. They’ll get their tax receipt right away and they can manage their own donation right within their account.

Other online payment options (GrowFund, Giving Group, Classy and more): We often hear from circle leaders that it’s challenging to get recurring donations that are processed on different dates depending upon when the donor set up their subscription. With Grapevine, you can set up your donation cycle so that your members’ donations process all on the same date of your choosing. This makes it incredibly easy for group leaders to track and manage donations. Additionally, Grapevine goes beyond just payments. We help you communicate with members, grow your group, and so much more.

So now that you’re ready to move your giving circle to Grapevine, how can you get started?

If you’re ready to jump in, you can set up your giving circle on Grapevine in just a few minutes right here. Still have some questions? We can help! You can go ahead and schedule time with us right here.

Here are some other resources to help get you started:

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