Meet Ten of Our Featured Founding Members

Feb 23, 2023

Meet ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Joyel Crawford

Joyel Crawford, Black History Month Every Month

CEO at Crawford Leadership Strategies, LLC

“As a Black Female Leader, staying active and connected to social justice efforts for the BIPOC community is part of my why.”

Julie Velky (2).png

Julie Velky, Austin Women in Tech for Good

Senior Technology Consultant at Nerdery

“As women in tech, we're often confronted with the need for diverse voices and the difficulty inherent in expanding access to get those voices in the door.

The same goes in the world of philanthropy and I love the opportunity to band together with other women to make an impact in our community and the lives of our neighbors.”

jennifer mandell.png

Jennifer Mandell, Denver Women in Tech for Gender Equality

VP, Delivery at Blu Banyan

“Forever and always looking for ways to help bridge the gender gap, especially in tech.”

Ebony Rice-Caston

Ebony Rice-Caston, Jackson Women for Good

Kindergarten Teacher at Ambition Preparatory Charter School

“To make a positive contribution to the community that I live in.”

Darlene Frederick.png

Darlene Frederick, RICP, Grand Rapids Professional Women for Good

Financial Advisor at Aspen, LLC

“Grapevine is a great way to be with like minded professional women while at the same time making a bigger impact through pooled resources.”

Andrea Kupferman.png

Andrea Kupferman, Hollywood Women for Good

Director of Human Experience at Voov Media

“Having always been motivated by giving back, creating connections and living with intentional purpose, this organization sounds like a true place of belonging for me.

I would be honored to sit amongst other women leaders inspired to transform our community, together!”

Tanya Robertson.png

Tanya Robertson, Irvine Professional Women for Good

CEO, Medical Aesthetician at Bombshell Beauty and Skincare, Skin Aligned, Hyper House Sweets

“As a single mom, an entrepreneur and a woman that employs other young women, I’ve always wanted to join an amazing women’s network to share my stories with and really give back to the community. I have a lot to tell, learned even more, and am dying to share.”

Dominique Carson

Dominique Carson, Virginia Beach Women for Good

Licensed Massage Therapist/Freelance Journalist at Green Leaf and Pebble Tea Spa

“I love giving back to my community. I've been involved in community affairs since I was 15 back in my hometown, New York City. I think Grapevine can strengthen my network as a journalist, author, massage therapist, and researcher.”

Neta Retter.png

Neta Retter, Meta Alumni for Good

Director of Innovation Programs at Okta

“While working at Meta I encountered so many passionate people eager to change the world and make it better. It would be amazing to continue that energy beyond Meta.”

Judy Schoenberg

Judy Schoenberg, Moms for Mental Health

Co-Founder at EvolveMe

“I want to join this group because I work with women returning to the workforce or pivoting careers and see how much mental health has taken a toll on them during the last two years. I’d like to support moms’ well-being during this time and from running giving circles in the past, I know it’s a great model to leverage collective resources. I’d also like to meet more like-minded women committed to lifting each other up. There is too much stigma around mental health that is slowly being lessened and I want to be part of the solution and provide leadership and skills to help make this happen. I have an extensive background in the women /youth nonprofit sector and want to support these organizations that are also under-resourced so they have an even greater impact.”