Helping Giving Circle Members Easily Organize and Volunteer

Jun 10, 2021

A study by Fidelity Charitable found that 87 percent of volunteers say there is a relationship between their volunteer behavior and the causes they support financially. The same study found that 79 percent of donors volunteer for a charitable organization, citing the interest in providing more than just financial support for a chosen cause.

As Giving Circles pool their donations and decide on nonprofits to support, there is also a great opportunity to provide donors with an opportunity to volunteer for the nonprofits that are supported by the group.

That’s why we’re excited to share Civic Champs, a solution for seamless volunteer tracking, management, and engagement. With Civic Champs nonprofit leaders can easily track the number of hours that a member has volunteered, create volunteer events that your members can sign up for, and more.

As many Giving Circles look to get started on our platform, something that we’re often asked is how members can contribute without giving a dollar amount? Civic Champs is a great way for nonprofits to engage members that might not be able to contribute financially, but would love to give their time. For some groups, this could mean that instead of a $25 contribution, they could volunteer for an hour for the selected nonprofit. These volunteer hours would be organized and tracked through Civic Champs and then shared within your Giving Circle on Grapevine.

We also often hear from Giving Circle members that after they hear about a nonprofit through their group, they want to find more ways to be involved. Giving Circle leaders or members can organize a volunteer event for the nonprofit of their choosing and use Civic Champs’ mobile app to seamlessly check in and out of the volunteer site. In addition to tracking the dollars donated to the group, with Civic Champs you can easily track the number of hours Giving Circle members volunteer with selected organizations.

If you lead a volunteer initiative or run a nonprofit with volunteer programs head to to learn more about how Civic Champs can help you save time and amplify your volunteer impact.

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