Grapevine Introduces A Better Way To Donate

Jun 20, 2019

Grapevine is making donating easy and effective. By connecting people to leading changemakers in education, arts, human rights, social justice, animal welfare and more, donation dollars go further through curated, theme-based funds of nonprofits.

“When people start actively donating, they’re not always sure where and how they can make a real difference.” said Emily Rasmussen, co-founder and CEO of Grapevine. “We’re giving people a way to connect with experts in the spaces they’re interested in to help them donate confidently. Soon, we’ll start helping people connect with other donors who share their goals, so they can build community and make more of a difference together.”

Grapevine helps people discover nonprofits in areas of interest to them and learn more about the spaces they want to donate to.

Accounts on Grapevine allow people to:

  • Search to easily find changemakers, funds and nonprofits in areas they care about
  • Set up an account to more effectively track and manage all of their donations from one home
  • Connect, follow and engage with changemakers and other donors right on the site — coming soon!

Already, Grapevine has helped to connect people with hundreds of unique nonprofits that they might not have otherwise found or been exposed to.

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