Grapevine Giving Checklist

Dec 7, 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the past year and create resolutions for the new one ahead. Giving back is a powerful, worthwhile resolution to add to your list. Make this the year that you resolve to give consistently and impactfully.

Check out the reasons why you should consider giving back regularly below, along with a checklist to help you keep your resolution throughout the year.

Why create a plan to give consistently?

There are plenty of benefits to donating, not only for the recipient of your donation, but for you as well. What are the benefits of making regular donations?

  • Giving is good for your mental health. Giving back not only helps to relieve stress, but it also makes you feel good. Donate regularly to experience the benefits all year long.
  • Giving helps you build your community. When you join a group created around giving, you expand your network and meet a new group of like-minded people dedicated to the same causes you are.
  • Giving is personally rewarding. Giving back is meaningful, and seeing the difference you’re making through your donations can be fulfilling. If you’re giving back through a giving circle, you get to learn about and vote on the nonprofits the group supports and amplify your impact by pooling your funds with others. This way, you know exactly how your donation is making an impact.

Your giving checklist

Not sure where to start? Use this checklist to guide you in making your resolution to give back:

  • Determine one area (or more!) of focus. Decide which causes or communities matter most to you. What are you passionate about? There are plenty of nonprofits and giving circles that exist to support every cause and community you can imagine. The Grapevine Giving Circle Network alone has 200+ giving circles created to support various causes and communities throughout the United States!
  • Set up a system to give consistently. Having a routine is one way to make a resolution stick. Giving circles are a great option to help you create that routine for regular giving. Giving circles members pool their donations and vote on nonprofit recipients every month, quarter, or year. So when you join a giving circle, you have a built-in system for consistent giving. Click here to learn how to join an existing giving circle or start your own!
  • Create a community around giving for accountability and fun! One of the cardinal rules for setting any goal you hope to achieve is having accountability partners. When you join a giving circle, you join a like-minded group of people who not only make giving back more fun, but they can also act as your built-in accountability partners in achieving your resolution to give back regularly.

Get started this year! You can try it out with a fun and meaningful popup Giving circle with your friends, family, or colleagues this holiday season. Click below to join or start your giving circle on Grapevine today!