Disrupting Philanthropy, Sara Lomelin @ TED, and our First Matching Fund Raffle

Oct 5, 2022

We celebrated the release of Sara Lomelin's TED Talk titled Your invitation to disrupt philanthropy, by hosting an intimate fireside chat with Sara on October 5th. If you missed the conversation — you can still watch the full recording here.

To mark this special occasion we also hosted a live raffle! This was an opportunity for our giving circle leaders and members to bring a friend & be entered to win up to $300 in matching funds!

Our winners were:

🎉 Anna Horst won $100 for Lancaster County Women for Good

Time and time again, we have seen how empowered women rise and bring their communities with them. So I am really excited about how our giving group is going to empower each other and make a more significant impact together. I can’t wait to get to know this incredible network of women who are passionate about helping our community thrive.

🎉 Sara Mcmahon won $200 for Seattle Women in Business for Good

I joined the Seattle giving circle because my mom told me about a 100 Women Who Care group she had been a part of in San Miguel De Allende and it had always seemed like such a great idea. I recently started my business, Sara Delighted, LLC, and knew I wanted giving back to be a part of my business model. This seemed like a great place to get started. Looking forward to dismantling the current system of fundraising and uplifting voices on the margins.

🎉 Alex Losquadro won $300 for Impact the Palm Beaches Next-Gen

I created my giving circle for give teens who have a love for their community to have chance to help out in a meaningful way. Impact the Palm Beaches Next-Gen is fairly new to Grapevine, and we just had our first donation quarter last month. It was an amazing feeling to see such a large donation of $330 raised by a small group of teenagers, and I am so excited that we will be able to make an even larger donation next quarter thanks to Grapevine.

You can watch our full conversation with Sara here.