Introducing the Global Giving Circle Directory!

Apr 14, 2021

There are over 2,000 giving circles and growing around the world that have engaged at least 150,000 people and given away as much as $1.29 billion. However, until now there wasn’t one place for people to find and search all these amazing giving communities. That’s why Grapevine is so excited to announce that in partnership with Philanthropy Together, we’re introducing the first-ever Global Giving Circle Directory.

You can read more about the launch of the Directory in Forbes! Make sure to check it out.

Want to help grow the giving circle movement and make a difference in the areas you care about most? Start your own giving circle. If you start your Giving Circle on Grapevine in April and get your first 30 donors, we’ll drop $300 into your Giving Circle so that your group can collectively decide how to donate to nonprofits together. Need more details? Check out our demo video here and read our blog post for starting a Giving Circle here.