Giving Circle Spotlight: Impact the Palm Beaches

Oct 26, 2021

Why did you decide to start or get involved with your group?

I was new to the area and wanted to learn more about the community and meet amazing women.

What draws members to your group?

The power of collective philanthropy, the ability to vote for the Project that YOU want to receive a $100,000 grant, social engagement and networking, and the opportunity to serve on the Grants Committee.

How has your group evolved over time?

The introduction of neighborhood groups has been a great way to forge relationships and deepen our connections.  The use of ZOOM has obviously changed life for everyone - while forced upon us in 2020, we see the benefits and efficiency of the platform and continue to hold some meetings and events virtually.  We are reaching out more to community leaders more and connecting to other Impact chapters to share ideas and strategies.  Last year we gave away TWO $100,000 grants for the first time since we started in 2015.  

How can you see the impact that you’ve made with your collective donations?

We stay in touch with our award recipients.  This year we are doing a morning meet and greet with all four of last year’s finalists - giving our membership the opportunity to see their grant dollars at work!

What is your group focused on right now?

Grants review starts November 1st.  We have 63 applications and all 40 members of the Grants Committee will be reviewing and scoring each application over the next few weeks.  Our Annual Kick-Off event celebrating the new season is going to be held on November 17th.  Our leadership is very focused on recruiting members to help us with new initiatives.  These are great leadership opportunities for members to spearhead an initiative and make a project their own.  We have active efforts in membership retention, new membership, sponsorship/partnership, events, and marketing/communications.  We would very much like to start a NextGen Impact for daughters and daughters’ friends to learn more about philanthropy.

How can people get involved?

Our website,, has a lot of information including the ability to sign up on line.  Our leadership is always happy to talk and meet with prospective members who want to learn more about what we do.  E-mail and we will be sure to get back to you!