Giving Circle Spotlight: End Poverty. Make Trillions.

Oct 20, 2021

Can you tell us more about your grassroots movement? What are your mission and goals?

My goal is to end poverty and save taxpayers trillions of dollars. The way that we go about helping the poor today is inefficient and often ineffective. People need to be treated like adults and allowed to solve their own problems. I want to provide everyone with a monthly stipend that is enough for the basic food, clothing, shelter, and transportation that a household needs. This isn’t much. It’s about $20,000 for the average household. 

To make this a reality, we are doing grassroots organizing and advocacy, launching a media campaign in 2022, running pilot programs with monthly stipends at the poverty line, and have created a $1Bn social impact fund to invest in businesses in low-income communities. 

What inspired you to start EPMT and your Giving Circle?

Our society is struggling because we don’t take the time to seriously engage with one another. To change minds and hearts requires patience and love. We won’t get people to stop hating the poor with mass emails. We have to start by engaging with each other one at a time. That way we build strong coalitions that are able to sustain themselves when times get tough. Social movements are never easy. You’ll need a strong circle. 

How does collective giving resonate with the work you are doing to advance UBI @ FPG?

My work is all about sharing. I have no desire to create new money out of thin air. The government already does plenty of that for major corporations. I just want us to understand how many people lack the basic needs of life in our country. If we set up a system of giving, we can eliminate poverty, and allow those households to start their journey well beyond the poverty line, and into the middle class. They will need help in the beginning. This is the definition of community: people coming together because they are strong as a group than as individuals. 

Giving circles are community. And that’s exactly what our country is lacking and grasping for right now. 

What is the impact of collective donations? What can $100 do to help alleviate poverty?

$100 dollars a month provides a working mother with enough money to get to work everyday. $200 a month puts just enough food into a family’s home that they avoid going hungry. Most Americans don’t have $500 saved. The money we often take for granted would be life changing for the 90 million Americans living in or near poverty. 

Why should someone join the EPMT Giving Circle?

You should join if you think poverty is bad, and if you’d like to save taxpayers trillions of dollars! Learn exactly how that works here: