Giving Circle Q&A with 100 Women Who Care Maui

Sep 13, 2021

Why did you decide to start or get involved with your group?

The founder of the Maui group was moving to Europe and when she asked us to take it over neither one of us could say no. It is such a great way to give back to our community. I personally loved how accessible it was for me to donate $100 four times a year. It was an enjoyable evening out with other women learning about some incredible causes here on our island.

What draws members to your group?

I think so many of us want to give back and we all enjoy getting to know one another, have dinner together and learn about incredible groups working so hard for our land, our ocean, our people.

How has your group evolved over time?

Our group started with a quest to raise money to help a child abuse case. After some google searches and digging our chapter founder, Chelsea Hill, discovered the 100 Women Who Care groups. Our group quickly gained it’s 100 plus members and we are all very much looking forward to meeting in person again!

How can you see the impact that you’ve made with your collective donations?

It is so incredible to have the recipients of our quarterly meeting come back with follow up to hear how the money was spent. It is an honor to hear directly from the charity. We can really see and hear the gratitude and see the impact!

What is your group focused on right now?

Our members nominate causes each quarter, we select 3 to vote on after hearing a 10 minute speech/Q&A from each. There are a lot of wonderful people and worthy causes here on Maui.

How can people get involved?

It is very easy to be involved! We have a web page “” with our history, our bios, all the charities we have raised money for, and a page dedicated for new members to join! We also can be reached via email at: and we are happy to answer any questions!