Connect with this week's featured Founding Members

Mar 3, 2023

Meet ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Christie Luna

Christie Luna, Oklahoma City Business Leaders for Good

Commercial Operations Manager, Atlantic Division at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

“Before transitioning to the wine & spirits industry, I not only worked in non-profit, I was active in many civic and non-profit organizations. My work has taken me out of that arena, and I know that the need is REAL for many non-profits that are still struggling post pandemic. This organization sounds like a unique way to pool resources with like-minded individuals to make a bigger impact on the benefitting non-profit organizations and the constituents they serve.”

Kelly Mackin Juravic

Kelly Mackin Juravic, San Diego Women in Business for Good

Co-Founder at Motives Met

“I love the idea behind Grapevine to help create significant impact for nonprofit organizations. In addition to Motives Met, I still consult as part of McQueen Mackin & Associates where we do research with nonprofits to help them build stronger donor relationships to raise more funds by uncovering what makes people passionate about their mission and how to position what they do and who they are to attract the right donors. I have been in the nonprofit space for many years so this is right up my alley!”

Nicole Hosh Comer

Nicole Hosh Comer, Waco Women for Good

Developer at Townsquare Media

“I am a 32 year old mom in the Tech industry currently living in Waco, Texas. I was born and raised in Syria, then moved to the US back in 2018. My main purpose of joining this group revolves around supporting women that are interested in joining Tech or growing their current career in Tech. I have worn many hats along my ten-year career that gave me pretty versatile experiences. Those roles include Network Administration, Full Stack Development, Competitive programming/Coaching, and Project/Product Management. I am currently a Developer/PM in a data analytics company working full time from home. A recent stat showed that Women currently hold only 26.7% of tech-related jobs. I believe this is due to the doubts that are implanted in our brains as women, and some community standards. Either way, it needs to change, and I love the idea of starting with a small change!”

Michelle Power

Michelle Power, Worcester Women for Good

CEO & Founder at Pawsitively 4 Pink

“My name is Michelle Power and I am the CEO/Founder of Pawsitively 4 Pink. This nonprofit financially supports low-income women going through breast cancer treatment. We assist whether they choose holistic or traditional treatment and we continue to help 6 months beyond treatments end. Because I am passionate about assisting this community and a huge love for dogs and the healing and love they offer. P4P also offers the woman we are assisting to take a rescue dog and have it trained to be an emotional support dog. P4P is strong in its conviction to be a part of their community and to continue to support other nonprofits. We believe that it is important to nurture all organizations and what they support. As a nonprofit we understand the need to give back! That being said, every connection is an important one. We have yet to meet someone that hasn't offered advice, made us think, taught us a lesson, brought new ideas, educated us about business or social media and how to use these resources effectively and help us grow. So joining this community is important to continue moving forward to connect with other organizations, bounce our experiences off of each other and make great connections.”

Amanda Van Elzen

Amanda Van Elzen, Madison Professional Women for Good

Education Nurse at Associated Physicians

“This group provides a platform for professional women who can make an impact in our community, state and nationwide. I love the concept of being able to network with other leaders, build rapport in the community, as well as lead the next generation of female leaders in non-profit organizations.”


Junior Bernadin, Black History Month Every Month

Dean of Students/IT Director at Ron Clark Academy

“I enjoy using my sphere of influence to help promote change. Together, we can move mountains when it comes to social justice.”

Erin Bartley

Erin Bartley, Winston-Salem Women for Good

COO at Medically Home

“I commend what Grapevine is doing to innovate and inspire philanthropic efforts. And as a busy professional, I appreciate the approach to make it easy to make an impact!”

Elizabeth Simion

Elizabeth Simion, Austin Women in Business for Good

Director of Data & Analytics at EZ Texting

“As I’ve progressed in my career, it has become more and more important to me to pay it forward and use my privilege to help others. I’ve recently attended the Women’s March in DC. I'm about to join as a mentor for Code2College, and this is a great next step as I’ve been working with my husband on our donation plan. I’m also excited to network with other professional women.”

Heather Bender

Heather Bender, Wilmington Women for Good (DEL)

Office Manager at Berger Harris LLP

“I am always looking for ways to support our Wilmington neighbors. Having mentored and donated time and energy within the community, I've seen first-hand that there is SO MUCH need. I'd love to take advantage of this opportunity to help others and meet like-minded women in the community. Finally: I started my career as a single mother barely making ends meet - I am eager for an opportunity to give back and give other women a hand up. Thank you for reaching out!”

Jessica Nuckols

Jessica Nuckols, Huntsville Women for Good

Managing Broker at Engel & Voelkers

“I LOVE the idea of women banding together to help each other AND make a difference in the community. I firmly believe women are a powerful but underused and undervalued resource. I would love to be a part of changing that narrative, all while making a difference in the community.”