Connect with this week's featured Founding Members

Jul 10, 2023

Connect with ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Vanessa Curry

Vanessa Curry, Charlotte Women in Tech for Good

Director of Marketing at SandStar AI Retail Technology, Advisory Boards, and Entrepreneur

“It's a good feeling when you can combine the values of both your personal and professional lives, while also giving back to help others. This is the perfect community to allow women to come together for a good cause, while also building relationships and exchanging ideas in our careers. We all have gifts to share. Let's pay it forward. ♥”

Lindsey Rush

Lindsey Rush, Denton Women for Good

Executive Chef at Farm + Feed

“I am interested in networking and like the idea of supporting and having support as a women in a leadership role.”

Nate Wichmann

Nate Wichmann, Lexington Guys for Good

Veterinarian at PetVet365

“We all have the ability to positively impact our city. This is an opportunity to play a direct role in accomplishing just that, and I’m excited to be part of a community that actively works for the good of Lexington and its people.”

Andrea Sorensen

Andrea Sorensen, Des Moines Professional Women for Good

Vice President, Product Consulting and Client Training at MedeAnalytics

“I'm looking to find ways to give back to my local communities. I moved to this area from western Iowa about 6 years ago and I haven't focused on my new community here in the Des Moines area. I'd love to also be able to network with other women leaders in the area to build both a professional and personal network.”

Callie Kim

Callie Kim, Women in Tech for Gender Equality

Senior Consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners

“I am a firm believer in gender equality. Though being a trailblazer in our respective field is well-respected, collaborating with other women to make a difference together is an honor. I look forward to connecting with like-minded women in this group to make a positive impact.”

Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee, Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

Owner at Bookish Atlanta

“I am looking to connect with other women looking to make a positive impact in the greater ATL area & beyond.”

Desirée Gonzalez

Desirée Gonzalez, Santa Barbara Women for Good

Property Manager at Student Room Stay

“I am also a PhD student focusing on community & community psychology - Grapevine aligns well with my own mission & values. I am also familiar with the area and would love to connect with like minded women.”

Ashley Fiocco

Ashley Fiocco, OC Women for Good Giving Circle

Interior Designer at Ashley Fiocco Designs, LLC

“I love the win-win aspect of giving back -- it simultaneously enriches both the giver and the recipient. To be able to network and build up relationships with other like-minded women in my own community is a no-brainer. I am excited to meet everyone and see how much good we can create together!”

Denise Banuelos

Denise Banuelos, WOC Nonprofit Leaders for Change

Director, EID and Workforce Development at Kaiser Permanente

“I am interested in making social justice changes in my community and as a collective group I believe more can be done to enact change quicker with more voices and donations spearheading the change.”

Emily Perry

Emily Perry, Dallas Women in Business for Good

Development Manager at Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

“I am SO extremely excited for the opportunity to join this new and growing group of strong female leaders and advocates. My experience as a community volunteer and a non-profit professional will help this group’s mission to make a difference and exceed our expectations!”