Connect with this week's featured Founding Members

Jun 2, 2023

Connect with ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Teresa Hayden

Teresa Hayden, Lubbock Women for Good

Coordinator at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

“I would like to be more involved in my community as well as network with like minded women from all walks of life. I feel this is a great organization to achieve this goal. I would like to learn more on how to support non-profits and other organizations and programs that provide services to those in my community.”

Mary Ostafi

Mary Ostafi, Bend Women for Good

Executive Coach & Chief Vision Officer at Ostafi Group Executive Coaching

“I believe in the collective strength of women coming together in solidarity to make the world a better place. I'd love the opportunity to learn more about local nonprofits and enhance my giving impact in our community with like-minded women.”

Felice Harris

Felice Harris, Columbus Women in Business for Good

President at Harris Law Firm, LLC

“I am service oriented and interested in giving back to the community. I've never participated in organized charitable giving and the concept is intriguing enough to try. I'm also excited about the impact organized giving can have on local projects.”

Ashley Clement

Ashley Clement, Austin Women in Business for Good

Senior Director of Training at Action Behavior Centers, LLC

“I have recently been interested in finding new ways to get involved in my community and give back and this seems like the perfect opportunity! In my undergrad, I completed a Non-profit and Human Service Management certificate program but haven't been able to use it after getting into autism services right after graduation so this seems like a great way to get back to my roots!”

Jacqueline Villanueva

Jacqueline Villanueva, OC Women for Good Giving Circle

Director, Quality Assurance at Nihon Kohden OrangeMed, inc.

“Service to others is really important to me. I believe pooling the resources of like-minded individuals will result in greater impact.”

Jennifer Brock

Jennifer Brock, Chandler Women for Good

Lead Learning Engineer at Wisewire Education

“One of my items on my vision board for this year is to become more involved in giving back to the community. I have found some ways but this seems like an excellent opportunity to not only give back but use my leadership skills to keep the movement going.”

Synitta Walker Delano

Synitta Walker Delano, Metro Atlanta Women in Business for Good

Director of Business Operations at vCreative

“I would like to join this group to be part of a community that expands my network of local like minded women business leaders.”

Ashley Zajacs Axelrod

Ashley Zajacs Axelrod, Pittsburgh Next-Gen Women for Good

Outpatient Therapist at Forward Wellness Counseling and Consulting

“Making a difference has always been important to me, and it’s a big reason I became a social worker. I’ve worked in nonprofits for years and seen the ways in which they, and the community members whom they serve, struggle under the burden of limited resources. This is the perfect opportunity to not only affect change but to meet, learn, and grow with other women in our community who feel the same way I do.”

Damali Elliott-Bennett

Damali Elliott-Bennett, LA Women in PR for Gender and Racial Equality

CMO at Intertwined Agency

“To give back in an impactful way while connecting with like minded peers.”

Ganka Bobeva-Rosevear

Ganka Bobeva-Rosevear, New York Women in Business for Good

Senior Director, Partner Operations at Diligent

“Much of what we do these days is focused on progressing ourselves and the businesses we work for, I'd appreciate the opportunity to apply a portion of my time to meaningful and impactful work.”