Connect with this week's featured Founding Members

Apr 7, 2023

Connect with ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Jessica Pignataro

Jessica Pignataro, Allentown Women for Good

Senior Marketing Manager at Julius Silvert

“I worked a lot for a non-profit during my college days, including going abroad, and it really impacted me. I would love the opportunity to become part of an organization that is passionate about their community. Plus! I've been hoping to help with advocacy and education on programs for parents with disabled children. My brother attended Mercy Special Learning Center in Allentown, PA for many years. My parents had been true advocates his entire life, and my family can't think of a better way than to pay it forward.”

Sherice Bright

Sherice Bright, Baltimore Women in Business for Good

People Operations Generalist at BioEnergy DevCo

“It's always been a personal goal of mine to expand every room I'm in, invite others for a seat at the table, provide resources where they may not have existed before and just overall build a better community. Having been the only team member in my earlier jobs, it's been in the last few years of my career that I've learned the power & benefits of a team, working towards a common goal. I'd be honored and inspired to move my personal mission forward, alongside a group of professional women, who prioritize the same.”

Erin Gaskins

Erin Gaskins, Denver Women in Business for Good

Owner/CEO at Room Redefined

“Room Redefined is a professional organizing company focused on changing the narrative for women within society by normalizing the concept that we do not have to be "super women" to be successful individuals. We believe in the concept of "enablers"- working together as a community to support each other in reaching goals, helping each person to focus on what they do best. This group seems to be in alignment with our concept that, while we organize spaces for a living, our work is about doing more for the greater good of society.”

Drew Martin

Drew Martin, Fashion Industry for Sustainability

CEO at Gild

“I am focused on making high quality sustainable apparel (elevating headwear through modern design and high quality sustainable vegan textiles that last) and also building tech to make e-commerce more efficient and solve the returns issue. I build virtual sizing algorithms to increase customer UX for fashion e-commerce and solve the online sizing issue which leads to a high percentage of returns.”

Megan Brogger

Megan Brogger, Minneapolis - St. Paul Professional Women for Good

Founder & Partner at Lumin Advantage Consulting

“I was drawn to the purpose of this Grapevine community - to inform, educate, support, and amplify - community organizations and one another. And as a founder and partner of a boutique people/management development consulting firm, I am eager to expand my network of professional colleagues and be exposed to new and different ideas, industries, and missions.”

Sara Walker

Sara Walker, Huntsville Women for Good

Contracts Manager at Media Fusion

“In joining this group I hope to help make our community stronger and more resilient to the changing world around us. Together with other like-minded women, we can encourage, uplift, and advocate for a better tomorrow by setting goals and providing constructive feedback in our efforts to achieve our set goals.”

Jeffrey Newman

Jeffrey Newman, Global Humanitarian Founders (GHF)

Founder/Owner at Newman & Shapiro

“I am concerned about the future here and abroad and feel we are on the brink in several areas, including climate control, world famine, and global economic decline. I thought the concept of GHF was right for any or all of them.”

Lindsay Cloutier

Lindsay Cloutier, Metro Louisville Women in Business for Good

Marketing Director at Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty

“When I moved to Louisville almost ten years ago, I fell in love with the city and the people. I am always looking for ways to make an impact and give back to the incredible community that we have. I feel this is not only the perfect opportunity to do that but also a chance to network and work with other women that live here.”

Gina Damiano

Gina Damiano, Silicon Valley Women for Good

Corporate Counsel at Icertis, Inc.

“I love that this group of women is focused on community-based giving. I want to utilize my leadership experience to get more involved in my community, working to make it a great place for everyone. As a single mother, I believe in teaching my daughter through my actions to give back to our community.”

Viviana Blumberg

Viviana Blumberg, San Diego Women in Business for Good

Marketing and Communications Manager at Headstream

“I would love to meet more women in the business for good. I am a huge advocate of gender equality and the idea of belonging to a group of empowered women who are changing the world really excites me. In the past I used to run a platform which provided digital services to help entrepreneur women in Mexico. I believe that women working together are unstoppable. I am an immigrant who would love to bring new perspectives to the table.”