Connect with this week's featured Founding Members

Mar 31, 2023

Connect with ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Jillian Bichanich

Jillian Bichanich, Madison Professional Women for Good

COO at Implicit Technologies + Jillian Phyllis LLC

“I have been searching for a collective group of women who work to do good in the community while coming together for common causes. This could not have been more timely. I am a working mother who is expecting a new babe, and run the full operations of a growing tech company here in the Madison area, while also fully founding and creating a women's healing company that works with energetics. Thank you for this opportunity. Let's do good together.”

Aditi Bhargava Tandon

Aditi Bhargava Tandon, Women in Web3 for Good

Co-founder at Maroon Oak

“I believe when you have, you can share/give. While I volunteer across children's education, women empowerment, and community hunger issues, I also started $20 for a cause sometime back- a small group that regularly contributed $20 towards a commonly identified cause. I loved Grapevine's premise and how you have managed to do this at scale. Excited to join.”

Keyla DeHoyos

Keyla DeHoyos, Providence Professional Women for Good

Chef/ Entrepreneur, Self Employed

“The last few years have put into perspective for me how important it is to give back to my community. After joining BBBSRI 2 years ago, I’ve been working on expanding my network as a professional while also continuing to find new and innovative ways to volunteer my time & resources to help those in need. This group would check off both of those long term goals 🙃”

Andy Ng

Andy Ng, Xooglers for Good

People Strategies Lead at SYPartners

“Hi everyone! I'm Andy Ng and was at Google from 2015-2017, primarily in the Staffing/Recruiting org. Excited to reconnect with the Googler/Xoogler community while contributing to causes I care deeply about.”

Danielle Harold

Danielle Harold, Women in Web3 for Good

Chief Operating Officer at Centre Consortium

“I believe in Web3's ability to lift invisible economic borders and provide opportunities to people worldwide that would otherwise be out of reach. As leaders in this industry, I feel it’s important that we leverage our influence to improve the lives of others, and am thrilled to join a network of individuals that share this vision.”

Dawn Christian

Dawn Christian, Black History Month Every Month

CEO & Founder at Belong by Dawn Christian, LLC

“I joined to amplify Black voices. Create a community. Social Impact.”

Mayra Alfaro

Mayra Alfaro, San Bernardino County Women for Good

Manager, Executive Recruiting at Clark and Company

“I love to be a part of women with ambition and goals. I truly love to lead others and help others reach their max potential.”

Blake Stilwell

Blake Stilwell, Veterans Helping Veterans

Veteran Jobs Editor at

“I am eager to help others and I think this collective action could change many situations for the better.”

Marissa Jesse

Marissa Jesse, Arvada Women for Good

Account Manager at IntelePeer

“I am a native of Arvada with a degree from MSU Denver in Marketing so networking with other women in my hometown is right up my alley! And anyway to expand my network and future opportunities/growth, I am all for it! I also have a passion for volunteering and giving back to my community so this would be a great fit!”

Kristin Kraai-Keely

Kristin Kraai-Keely, Grand Rapids Professional Women for Good

VP Client Services at LineDrive

“I’m a big believer in giving back and in actively participating in organizations that do things for others. Most of my experience with this has been faith-based and mission oriented. I’m a recent transplant to Michigan and have been looking for ways to plug in, meet people and do good for others. This seems like an opportunity to do all three of those things.”