Connect with this week's featured Founding Members

Mar 24, 2023

Connect with ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Denise Polsfut

Denise L Polsfut, Henderson Women for Good

Advisor, Consultant and Mentor at DeLouise Consulting

“My personal and professional goal is to help those that may not have the resources otherwise. It's who I am and what continues to drive me. I've always focused on building my professional network around like-minded people who share that same mindset. With this emphasized, not only will we be successful but we are part of someone else's journey as well. Not only will it create a stronger community but enhances your own sense of accomplishment that breeds support in business and in life. Grapevine sounds like an organization carrying on this mission.”

Stephanie Richburg

Stephanie Richburg, Birmingham Women for Good

ADRC Supervisor at Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging

“Working in social services has afforded me the opportunity to witness the needs of many vulnerable populations. Many communities rely on funding from non profit organizations for assistance. Joining Grapevine allows me to continue providing support to communities one networking and learning from others who share the same passion.”

Carrie Davis

Carrie Davis, Xooglers for Good

Associate Publisher at Modern Luxury Media

“I believe we are all on a continuous mission to solve for the world—some problems we know and others we never saw coming. It's through connections and collective efforts that we can truly make the biggest impact in our own communities and for those that may need us most. It's a privilege to give back with hope, power and humanity.”

Yvette Young

Yvette Young, WOC Nonprofit Leaders for Change

Associate Vice President at The Village for Families & Children

“I am an advocate and want to continue to advocate for racial and social justice and being a member of a group of women who are also focused on change will be beneficial to my efforts.”

Rene Whitt

Rene Whitt, Lubbock Women for Good

Author and Illustrator at WordWhitts

“I have a big place in my heart for several nonprofit organizations; some local, some national. Being the parent of a child with Down syndrome, I've been connected to a nonprofit community for families of those with Down syndrome since the day my daughter moved into our home (she is adopted). Our DS community has been such a great support system and I look forward to learning about other nonprofits in the Lubbock area.”

Onyeje Ijaola

Onyeje Ijaola, Greensboro Women for Good

Family Nurse Practitioner at Western Rockingham family medicine

“When women need healing from tragedy, I help guide them through the process in creating a safe place at the restoration wing. Here I provide retreats and coaching to empower them rise and take their life to a new level so they can become all they were created to be. I want to network and meet other women. My NGO also provides resources (Education and food) to orphans and widows.”

Megan Snyder

Megan Snyder, 100 Women Who Care Clark County

Director of Operations at Timber Dental

“I grew up in a poor and abusive household. My mother escaped and started over with only the clothes we had in a laundry basket. I am now a single mother of two little boys. I've worked very hard to get to where I am in life so that I may lift others, as others once have lifted me. I want to join a group that is passionate about helping the less fortunate. The company I work for, Timber Dental, puts on a quarterly "Free Toothache Clinic" to help people in Portland with their dental needs. I am a member of Crossroads Community Church where there are several initiatives to help the Vancouver community. I think joining this group would be a great step for me.”

Alyssa Holmes

Alyssa Holmes, Augusta Professional Women for Good

Director, Field Operations at Flock Safety

“My giving philosophy is to create positivity and opportunities for others, and to promote decency in the world. I try to create a positive impact locally, nationally, and internationally through charitable giving. Currently, I am not involved in any local efforts and I would like to change this. I love Augusta, and I believe that philanthropy and charitable giving is most effective and beneficial when it remains local, where a community's passion and purpose is strongest. For this group specifically, I was actually moved by the Ted talk about working with people who are open minded, possess the ability to change their minds, and work together.”

Jitiwan Tanner

Jitiwan Tanner, Little Rock Women for Good

Financial Professional at Independent contractors

“My dream since I was a little girl in Thailand was to come to America and have that American dream. I believe in taking chances, being open to opportunities and working hard. I have an opportunity to be working in the Financial Industry and I believe that everyone who works hard all their life deserves to retire with dignity. My mission is to help share information I know to as many people as I can, so they know how money works and they can be prepared on what they can expect for their future. My service is free of charge to whoever would like to hear from me and share forward. Opportunity to network with strong women and help make a difference in our community.”

Syvoskia Bray Pope

Syvoskia Bray Pope, Metro Louisville Women in Business for Good

Executive Director at Empower Hope Center

“I have always been an advocate for supporting women in business through entrepreneurship, financial education and spiritual wellness. I have always supported women through various groups of my own. It is all about making an impact for the greater good of our community.”