Meet Our Weekly Featured Founding Members

Mar 17, 2023

Connect with ten of our 20,000+ Members of the Grapevine Giving Circles Network! Join today and connect with these community leaders making a difference in the world, together.

Sonya Lee

Sonya Lee, Birmingham Women for Good

Quality Analyst at Blue Cross of GA

“I want to connect with other women who are about recognizing the need to make changes in the community.”

Kimberly Norville

Kimberly Norville, Augusta Professional Women for Good

Career Advisor at Augusta University

“I believe this opportunity is a fantastic way to make a meaningful contribution and commitment to my community. It is also exciting as a women's movement to be an example to others and demonstrate what leadership is all about. This organization is using the illustrious mustard seed to grow beautiful potentials.”

Angela Ferguson

Angela Ferguson, Spokane Professional Women for Good

Sales and Support Specialist at Datappraise

“I think this is a great concept and look forward to giving to my community in a way I normally am not able to. Also look forward to connecting with others who feel the same way!”

Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner, Xooglers for Good

Founder and CEO at Misnomer LLC

"Doing good needs to be more than a marketing campaign. Aligns with my personal mission of people and planet balanced with profits."

Joelle Terranova

Joelle Terranova, Lancaster County Women for Good

Realtor at Realty One Group Unlimited

“I believe that everyone deserves to live in a home they love. As a licensed Realtor it has been my privilege to help make the dreams of my clients come true. Creating solutions to common problems that stand in the way of home ownership is what I have had the privilege of doing for over 13 years.”

Amber Gomes

Amber Gomes, Bend Women for Good

Senior Associate at Koya Partners

“I have been involved with a similar group in Boston, MA since 2018. In fact, when I moved home to Bend in fall 2021, I kept my seat on the Board despite the distance since so much of our work had shifted to virtual. Now, as my Board term comes to an end Dec. 2022 and much of the work is virtual, I’m stepping away from the other group and looking forward to joining one closer to home.”

Bill Davis

Bill Davis, Global Humanitarian Founders (GHF)

Managing Partner at Stance Capital, LLC

“I am already supporting a handful of impactful nonprofits, and am interested in broadening my focus.”

DesaRae Janszen

DesaRae Janszen, Tampa Women for Good

Project Manager at Relofant

“I have always been community-service oriented but my schedule is very busy with work and kids. This seems like a great way to help the community without a huge time commitment and the contribution seems very reasonable. Would also like the opportunity to meet some new friends.”

Rhonda Butler

Rhonda Butler, Little Rock Women for Good

Realtor and Analyst at Plush Homes Company-Realtors and ABCBS

“I would like to join organizations that mirror my desire to help others. I would also like to be surrounded by other like minded professionals to expand my circle of influence.”

Jess Gee

Jess Gee, Chicago Next-Gen Women for Good

Senior Financial Analyst at AVIA

“As a woman in the finance industry, I don't often have the opportunity to network with other female leaders (especially since joining a smaller start-up). I would love the opportunity to network with other female leaders while also making an impact on our community.”