Claire Axelrad: How to Leverage Philanthropic Giving Circle Grants

Feb 8, 2022

Claire Axelrad explains how you can use Giving Circles to make sure that when you look at your revenue pie chart, no slice is significantly larger than the rest. Haven't heard of the concept? Learn more from Claire.

This is a concept that’s been around for a long time. Yet lately it’s stepped into the limelight, having been effectively rebranded. I credit this new popularity, in large part, to the effectiveness of peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P)– something I’ve been recommending to charities as a priority leveraging strategy, together with monthly giving, for at least the past five years. Why? Because P2P is:

  • capable of being leveraged, enabling one individual to grow their philanthropy by influencing others (using the power of social proof) to join them;
  • ongoing, so sustainable;
  • user-friendly for donors and the charity once it’s set up, making giving easy for donors regardless of age, geography, wealth or other demographics, and
  • social (humans are social animals), having a ripple effect that boosts awareness and introduces new supporters to your cause.

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