Celebrating $1M Donated Through Grapevine to Nonprofits

Jul 27, 2020

$1M! That’s a big number. Giving Circles on Grapevine have come together to raise over $1M for small, local, nonprofits across the country. This is a huge accomplishment and we’re so proud to be able to support groups of philanthropists passionate about giving back in their communities.

As our community grows, we’re committed to growing with them by making it easier to collect donations, support nonprofits, communicate, and more. Help us help donors give the next $10M.

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Here’s just a peek at a few Giving Circles and the impact that they’ve made.

Liberated Capital: A Decolonizing Wealth Fund

Edgar Villanueva started a giving circle to support the Native American communities. When Covid hit, some of these communities were devastated, but his giving circle was there to help. They moved hundreds of thousands of dollars to over 60 nonprofits across the country. This included nonprofits that provide basic necessities like masks, sanitizers and diapers; childcare services for essential workers; and support to those unable to pay rent and utility bills. Just a few of these nonprofits include the Native American Community Clinic, Cultural Survival, and Native Women’s Society.

Black Trans Lives Thrive

Black Trans Lives Thrive is a group that supports nonprofits run by and for Black Trans Women. Members commit to donating at least $25 each month and then the group collectively decides on a nonprofit that they’ll support each quarter. This quarter, the group is supporting SWOP-Bronx, a nonprofit dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education, community building, and advocacy.

100 Women Who Care Rochester

100 Women Who Care Rochester was founded in 2019 by a group of professional women who shared the common goal of wanting to use their resources to disrupt towards goodness. Since then, they’ve brought together nearly 200 women to raise over $30,000 for nonprofits in Rochester. The very first nonprofit they supported was Brightstar Community, focused on helping women survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution, abuse and addiction find healing, hope, and freedom.

New England International Donors

It’s incredibly powerful when people come together to give back. At New England International Donors (NEID), they’re doing just that. Each year groups of donors come together to pool their donations, to make a bigger collective impact. This year, they’re focusing on learning more about and supporting Climate Justice and Women’s Empowerment.

Health & Humanity

This small group started with live video workouts to create accountability around physical fitness and mental health while quarantining at home. The group added a second focus of humanity to give back to those who are less fortunate. For every workout, they encourage people to make a donation.

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