The Benefits of Grapevine for Your Fundraising Efforts

Sep 11, 2021

Learn more about how you can use Grapevine to help you create a group where you can easily pool together donations and decide together how to direct the funds to nonprofits.

Here’s some of the biggest benefits from Grapevine:

  1. Everyone can give in one place. No need to worry about chasing checks, and managing payments through different platforms and the fees associated with that.
  2. When people make a donation, they’ll get their tax receipt instantly.
  3. Communicate with members and easily share with email updates and across all your social networks.
  4. Get matching funds from Grapevine to help grow your group and make more of an impact.

The best way to understand something, is to see it, so take a quick tour of Grapevine in the video below.