A Hybrid Event - How to do it Successfully

Aug 4, 2021

As we transition into our new normal a lot of groups are eager to start meeting up in person, but how do you keep your members who aren’t quite ready or able to attend these events plugged in? Well, it’s simple, you do it virtually. A lot of our community members have been hosting in person events while also keeping a zoom meeting open for others to attend from the comfort of their home.

Grapevine is happy to share how our leaders are doing this and the ways that we are able to support.

Planning the Event

8-6 Weeks Prior to Event

  1. Reach out to those you want to collaborate with
  2. Choose a tentative event date and time
  3. Choose your venue (virtual, in person, or both - need a zoom link? We can provide you with one!)

4-2 weeks prior to Event

  1. Confirm with w/those who you are hosting with to schedule a logistics meeting (time to start drafting your day of agenda!)
  2. Create promotion materials, save the dates, and/or meeting reminders
  3. Post/Submit event for promotion across all your social media (it doesn’t hurt to reach out to community members to ask them to promote as well)

Week of Event

  1. Ensure that your equipment is sufficient to support your event (i.e. internet speed, mics, speakers, whatever you may need).
  2. Have an agenda prepared the week before and tasks delegated, remind everyone of their tasks 2 days before the event and let Grapevine know about any polls, breakout sessions, and any relevant details about the event
  3. Day of the event, do a quick run through and get ready for a successful event!

Making your event hybrid not only makes it easily accessible for people in your community, but it is also a great way to get more people involved and to create a larger impact!