A $100K Donation Matching Fund and over $6M Donated Through Grapevine

Sep 27, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just raised over $100K in donation matching funds thanks to our partners Dave Heath, Founder of Bombas, Philanthropy Together, Enablement Fund, Zera Foundation, and Alex Chung, Co-Founder & CEO at Giphy. After seeing the benefits of matching funds over the past few months with some of our groups, we’re excited to launch this fund to help our current groups grow and new groups get started. We know that these funds can help multiply the impact to nonprofits.

This fund will help propel Grapevine toward future milestones. To date, over $6M in donations have been raised through collective giving groups on Grapevine. These funds have helped hundreds of nonprofits supporting a variety of causes all over the country. And one of the most amazing things is most people on Grapevine are setting up recurring donations, so with each month we’re seeing more funds collected for nonprofits.

It doesn’t stop there. Today we are also announcing the launch of our new homepage and resource center. With these new resources we will further support our existing groups to grow and will also better equip new Grapevine leaders with the tools and resources they need to launch their groups.

Still not familiar with Grapevine? We help you bring friends together to donate to a shared pool, then decide which nonprofits to give the money to. Check out our new homepage to get a better idea of just how it all works at Grapevine.org.